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Mar 27 11

Batch Compiler

by Colin

Sometimes when changing Singletons or frameworks, multiple FLAs need to be recompiled to adapt to it's new resources. This script will republish all these opened FLAs for you!
Download here.

Feb 22 11

Keyframe Data

by Colin

I'm currently working on a Papervision project outside of work, and in doing so I found out the hard way that Cinema 4D doesn't export baked keyframe data to a collada (DAE). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a replacement collada exporter for Cinema 4D, but I did cope with a different way of exporting that keyframe data. I updated Lee Brimelow's Audio Exporter for CS5 use which you can download here. From there, throw that JSX file into your Adobe After Effects CS5/Scripts directory and you can export keyframe data by selecting the attribute you want to export (ie. Position), and voila, your newly generated text file will output the X/Y/Z values of the highlighted object.

Feb 2 11

Library – Folder Structure

by Colin

Creates the following folders and items:

  • -Global
    • empty (MovieClip)
    • mc_circle (MovieClip)
    • mc_square (MovieClip)
    • shape_circle (Graphic)
    • shape_square (Graphic)
  • Display
    • Fonts
    • Images
    • MovieClips
    • Sprites

Download here.

Jan 29 11

Duff Clock

by Colin

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

I've always had an affinity for wrist watches and while having a few extra hours today, decided to make a clean digital clock application for the iPhone. The majority of the project was spent on experimenting with different design ideas, and after a few hours of messing around, landed on this very clean and simple design.
I'm still experimenting with what else I want to add, but for now I thought I'd share my process. I originally wanted to build this application in OpenFrameworks, however their team is still updating their framework for Retina Display support so I opted with Cocos2D. The next iteration of this project will most likely include a constant subtle physics background animation with slight user iteration.
Version 2's design was updated, including a high resolution reflection created using Cinema4d.

Jan 25 11

Kinect Connect

by Colin

First attempt at connecting the Kinect.
I modified Daniel Shiffman's Point Cloud app to colorize the points from the RGB feed and customized the Y rotation and Z positioning based off the mouse coordinates. I don't actually own a Kinect, so until I either buy one or my work ships out a Kinect to my office I won't be getting many more opportunities to play with it.